[Review] Seyco ST-21 Scroll Saw – Is it Worth Buying ?

A scroll saw is a mechanical appliance which is a small electric and pedal-operated saw. This mechanical saw can be used to cut intricate curves in woods, metals, and many other materials.

The fineness of scroll saw blades allows its user to cut complex edges just by pivoting its table and curves more delicately than a power jigsaw. Scroll saw is somewhat similar to a band saw, it uses a reciprocating saw instead of a continuous loop.

One of the most common and used products in the scroll saw world is Seyco ST-21 scroll saw. The Seyco ST-21 scroll saw is created by Ray Seymore of Seyco, who used to sell Excalibur saw since 1986.

This saw was made for the woodworkers who change the default design within a fraction of the second and to roam freely with their design. Just like Excalibur scroll saw, a scroll saw uses a link drive system and also possesses a tilting saw arm.

Some of the Seyco scroll saw features are incorporated mainly for an efficient and hassle-free experience.

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Seyco scroll saw features are as follow:

  • Some of the blades are specially made for tedious works.
  • It can cut through the wood for about 2 ½ ” (64mm) thick.
  • The scroll saw can tilt its head up to 30° in either direction.
  • It has an inbuilt switch protection device in order to prevent unintentional start-ups.
  • An ergonomic upper and lower blade guard mounting to prevent some of the hazardous hand contacts with the blade.
  • Seyco’s scroll saw is equipped with a Wixey digital angle gauge and a small engineer’s square.
  • Unlike many other scroll saws, it has a 90° angle dust blower on the tip.
  • For the Fretwork fans, top feeding can be done easily with this saw.
  • An inbuilt dust collector, at the back of the saw which can be easily removed, if not necessary.

These are some of the features by which Seyco Scroll Saw Reviews have gained a positive response. One of them is the angled dust tip.

While using angle dust tip, you must adjust the blower’s position as such default settings may vary as per the users’ needs. This feature works its wonders if you are able to set its tip which blows the dust off the line and doesn’t spray into your eyes or hands. Though some appreciated this feature, while others were not so satisfied with the results of the angled blower.

The Seyco scroll saw is available with a stand and footswitch on the market.

Where to buy a Seyco scroll saw?

For the ones who are excited to buy the Seyco scroll saw but have a peculiar question, Is seyco st-21 available on amazon.com? The answer to that is No! The Seyco ST-21 is not available on amazon.com.

If in any case, you can’t find Seyco scroll saw on amazon.com, then, in that case, you can opt for its official website seyco.com.


Whenever, one decides to buy something, they tend to read a lot of tools reviews about the product. Some are good while some are bad.

Same goes for Seyco scroll saw features as well. There will be many revoking reviews for the same, that being said, we hope that this article brought some light towards Seyco scroll saw.

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