How Does a Palm Nailer Work [Guide]

Ever wondered what would be like to have a tool that can just fit in your hands and is capable of handling all your tedious works efficiently without facing any kind of issue. Well then, the wait is over, as such now we have a palm nailer in the market.

Therefore, there rises an obvious question, how does a palm nailer work? Well, this is what we are going to discuss in the following articles, so follow along as we make a step by step review of the palm nailer.

But before learning how this tool works, let us learn what is palm nailer?

What is a palm nailer?

The palm nailer is a smaller version of the traditional nail guns in the market, as such, it can be fitted in the palm. The pneumatic ones are still a little bigger in size as such an air compressor is required to operate.

Despite, it’s shape and size, the tool is capable of nailing the nails on the materials like a thunder. If you are working on the tight space then this might be the tool that you will rely on as such it completely stands on its name of being a palm nailer, the nailer fits on the palm effortlessly.

However, being a compact nailer also comes with a price, the power output might be less which will make you go to the traditional nailers.

How does a palm nailer work?

The palm nailer is quite unique by the appearance, but despite the small and compact size, the tool works efficiently. The palm nailer is backed with the electricity or compressed air, in order to work properly.

You might have to apply a little bit of physical force but not too much. These are some of the steps to get you going on the palm nailer right away.

  1. Read the user manual:

It is important to read the user manual before jump start to use the tool as such there are many features and switches or modes which might not have been in your previous tool. Therefore it is safe to read the user manual first and then work with the tool.

  1. Charge the tool:

It is necessary to charge up the tool as such the tool is compact, thus there is a sure shot chance that the manufacturer would make a battery operated nailer in order to make it compact and hassle-free.

That being said, it becomes evident that charging your palm nailer is a must in order to work properly and effortlessly.

  1. Posture to hold the nailer:

The way the tool has been held makes all the difference as such in some cases you might have to apply the pressure in order to drive the nails into the material and that cannot be done while holding the tool inappropriately.

Don’t grab the tool and starting nailing in an awkward position because that might be risky and unsafe for the user.

  1. A secure grip = Enhanced productivity:

There are many tools in the market that comes with the hand strap in order to keep the tool in place and provide extra stability to the user. Therefore always try to keep in mind to use the palm nailer with a strap on.

As such these nailer can be pretty fast and can get out of control even faster, therefore own a tool which provides a better grip.

  1. Nailing process:

The nailing process is quite easy, simply follow the following steps:

  • Choose the right nail
  • Try to hold the nails on hand due to compact design
  • In order to fit the nails, place the tip of the nail over the magnetic tip and the nails would be in place properly
  • Now hold the nail in the position of nailing and push the tool slightly in order to drive the nail into the material
  1. A bit of manual work:

Sometimes, there are few nails whose nails remain outside the surface, thus to tackle that you need to manually hammer down the remaining nail inside the material. To be honest, there isn’t much work to do, with practice you will be able to put the nail down perfectly in one go also.

Top features of palm nailer for work:

Some of the common features of the palm nailer are as follow:

  • The palm nailer can nail both the nails, smaller one as well as the big ones too
  • Magnetic nail holders in order to keep the nails in place
  • Faster and efficient than some of the regular sized nail guns
  • Most of the nails found in the local hardware store can be used to nail down the material with the palm nailers
  • More enhanced and improved accuracy as compared to the regular nail guns
  • Pretty compact and lightweight as compared to the traditional nail guns


The final verdict about the palm nailer would be that one must own a palm nailer if he/she is looking for a nailer that can drive the nails down the material easy as well as reach all the compact and tedious places which the regular and traditional nail guns can’t reach.

That being said, it is evident that there are many benefits of using a palm nailer, therefore own a palm nailer and you will not regret your decision of owning one.

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