20V DeWalt DCN21PLB Cordless Framing Nailer | Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you tired of nailing down the wood with a hammer? It can be pretty tiring, isn’t it? The sure shot trick to resolve this problem is own simply a Framing Nailer, Nailgun, or Nail gun.

With the augmentation of the Nailer, the hammer lost its charm. In many traditional methods, a hammer was the only one solution for all the heavy work. Things changed gradually and the nail gun to the hammers place and did the heavy stuff.

About Framing Nailer:

A Nailer is a type of tool which is used to drive nails into the wood or even on some other materials. The power-house of these machines are driven by compressed air, electromagnetism, highly flammable gases such as butane or propane.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Framing Nailer, 21-Degree, Plastic Collated, Tool Only (DCN21PLB)

Pneumatic nail gun, powder actuated nail gun, combustion-powered nail gun, electric nail gun, solenoid powered nail gun, and pin nailer are some of the common kinds of Nail gun’s tribe.

It can shoot nails in the wood at a high rate, thus making it a simple solution for all the hard work with efficiency as well and yet it has a flip side too. As such this thing works with great power and drives the nail into the wood, few things can go wrong. The accidents which can leave permanent marks or may lead to death.

Let’s keep that thought aside and discuss one such product, Dewalt 20v framing nailer is one such product which has gained its popularity due to its performance, efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Dewalt is an American worldwide brand that manufactures power tools and hand tools. Products of this brand can be seen in industries like manufacturing, construction, and woodworking.

Apart from this Dewalt is also a trade name of black & decker which is a subsidiary of Stanley black and decker.

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DeWalt Framing Nailer DCN21PLB Detailed Review:

The DeWalt 20v framing nailer delivers the much-needed performance for the Pro in order to make the job done. This cordless DeWalt framing nailer can dive a set of plastic collated fasteners upto the depth of 3-1/4″ and 0.148″ in diameter. This is the best nailer in the market and can drive through a wide range of materials.

Whenever the product attains a certain fame there are always few things which pulls it down. For these kinds of products, it is a bad DeWalt framing nailer reviews.

Still, there are many 20volt DeWalt framing nailer reviews that tend to show positive graphs, which gives a sense of satisfaction and receives a loyal customer.

Dewalt 20v framing nailer’s key features:

  • Dewalt 20v framing nailer is cordless, making it a compact portable device. Due to this, you can always have the freedom to just grab and go.
  • It works on an angle of 21° and capable of nailing 0.113″ – 0.148″ (2.8 mm– 3.3 mm) nails smoothly with plastic collated stick framing nails.
  • For sequential or bumpy modes, a tool-free selector mode switch is available.
  • It possesses a 20v max Lithium-Ion.
  • No tool adjustment, making it a nice feature.
  • Dual speed motors are optimized in order to drive a range of fasteners which can be used for a variety of materials.
  • It has a high strength aluminium magazine equipped with a patcher latch.
  • The rafter hook is adjustable.
  • Jammed nails can be easily removed due to the easy access of the nose piece.
  • Stall release lever is also an added bonus mode which resets the drive blade in the event of a jam.

All of the above key features and below listed Pros and Cons are extracted from the various DeWalt DCN21PL B Framing Nailer Reviews, making it a more accurate and a biased list.


  • Compact shape and portable.
  • Its design is well balanced.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Equipped with high battery power.
  • It is fast and efficient.


  • Quite bulky.


If you’re looking for a cordless framing nailer and must be powerful, but don’t know which one to buy? Then, in that case, Dewalt 20v framing nailer is the right choice. As such, you would not find any bad DeWalt DCN21PLB Reviews.

That being said, don’t think twice and just go grab your DeWalt framing nailer and create something amazing.

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