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Nailing can be termed as one of the most tedious and power-consuming tasks. The traditional nailing technique uses a hammer and a nail in order to nail something. Thus making it more tedious and time-consuming.

If you are unlucky and the surface is way too hard then you analyzed then in that case, the nailing has become a bit difficult and physically draining. Thus to tackle that scenario, drilling machines have taken over and have performed the same task more easily and efficiently.

That being said, Drilling machines have become the next new thing, making it one of the most used products in the modern age in the field of construction and in some cases, for domestic purposes as well.

If placed it more bluntly then Yes! Drilling machines have replaced the old and conventional practice of hammer and nail. After citing this, there have surely some of the brands which tried to grab this opportunity and hold a firm grasp on the market with their products.

There are many cordless hammer drill with battery and charger, one of them is Dewalt’s, DEWALT 20V MAX which usually comes with DEWALT 20V MAX Hammer Drill Kit as well, is the perfect and ideal solution for nailing down and penetrating all the hard surfaces easily.

DEWALT cordless drill hammer reviews have somehow managed to provide justice to its real capabilities and are still helping in creating a loyal fan base. Being a DeWalt’s product, great quality, power, and durability are some of the things which will be on point.

About Dewalt DCD985M2 :

DeWalt is a brand that has become a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade power tools and accessories. Its list of products ranges between corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, routers, grinders, planers, sanders, plate joiners, lasers, generators, nailers, compressors, saw blades, metals as well as masonry drill bits, screws, abrasives, and many more. DEWALT 20V MAX* Hammer Drill Kit (DCD985M2)

The tools of DeWalt are sold both nationally and internationally with the help of about 1,000 factory which is owned and is authorized at different locations. DeWalt brand also maintained one of its class extensive service and repair networks in North America.

Now let us not waste any more time and start discussing one of the product which has managed to make a few heads turn.

DEWALT DCD985M2 Hammer Drill Detailed Review

The DEWALT DCD985M2 Hammer Drill owns a 3-speed in all kinds of metal transmission and syncs with the tool for fastest application speed and enhanced run time.

The Dewalt hammer drill is designed to produce a 535 unit watts in order to provide high power, high efficiency, superior and smooth quality drilling and few fastening applications. DeWalt 20v cordless max hammer drill tool only can be easily ordered from the official website or from the third-party distributor, as such, it can be easily managed to grab a hands-on them.

In addition to this, the product is packed with the DeWalt 20V Max XR premium Lithium-Ion batteries to provide a longer runtime and also enhanced durability. LED light is also an added bonus while drilling as such it can provide a clear picture of the drilling spot. The LED lighting activation is 20 seconds delayed after the first press of the trigger.

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DEWALT DCD985M2 Key features:

  • The material of the product is Plastic and Metal
  • Imported as well as Made in USA
  • DeWalt 20V Max XR premium Lithium-Ion batteries installed for better and longer runtime
  • 3 kind of speed modes transmission
  • In order to provide superior gripping strength, a ½” of heavy-duty metal ratcheting chuck with carbide is introduced
  • 20 seconds of delay mode after trigger release mode for LED lighting is available


  • Cordless
  • Longer battery life
  • Drill kit and battery available
  • Powerful than other competitors


  • A bit heavy

Frequently Asked Customer Questions and Answers:

Que: What’s Difference Between the model DCD 985L2, DCD985M2, DCD985, and the DCD985B?

Ans: Apart from the battery, the product DCD985L2 and DCD985M2 can be said to have an exact same drill. The DCD985M2 is available with the 4-Amp hour of battery while on the other hand DCD985L2 comes with the 3 Amp-hour battery.

The DCD985B has altogether a different story, it is a bare drill only and doesn’t come with the battery or charger and for the DCD985, it can be only said that the part number seems to be not legitimate. We hope this resolves some of your queries.

Ques: Can the charger be used in Europe with 240V?

Ans: The straightforward and simple answer to this question is NO, you cannot charge the batteries with the charger.

Ques: It has drive mode? Can I Screw or unscrew?

Ans: Make sure you have the right bit for the screw and you can screw and unscrew the screws easily.


There are some of the DEWALT DCD985M2 Hammer Drill Reviews which have provided a good and sound review of the product.

If you are the one who likes quality products then believe the DEWALT 20V Hammer Drill Reviews and buy the product with any second thoughts.

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