5 Best Air Operated Grease Guns of 2021 [Detailed Reviews]

Greasing the tools and components of the moving parts is an important part that cannot be sidetracked as such, the tool may go underwear and tear due to the tension created by continuous working and friction.

That being said, it becomes obvious that one must keep their mechanical parts well lubricated in order to avoid such fatigues. Thus to avoid that, one must own a grease gun or be ready in order to make their hands dirty.

5 Best Air Grease Guns Reviews:

Therefore, owning a simple grease gun or an air operated pistol grip grease gun might be the best solution for you. So without wasting any more time, let us just learn about some of the top-rated air operated grease guns in the market.

  1. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun:

The lincoln 1162 air operated grease gun is fully automatic with a variable speed grease gun. The grease gun has a patented design that is made in such a way that there would be an uninterrupted flow of grease.

The flow of the grease and the cartridge holding chamber is parallel while on most of the grease guns, the airflow is usually parallel to the nozzle. Due to such unique adjustment, most of the priming problems come to an end.

The air-powered gun has 40:1 pump ratio and is capable of handling 150 PSI that enables the gun to deliver a pressure up to 6000 PSI. The gun provides an automatic as well as continuous operation type for a continuous flow simply with the help trigger.

Apart from these, a 30-inch long hose with attachments which is ideal for the 30 oz cartridges. The gun also owns a variable speed trigger for easy handling.

Key features:

  • The gun is fully automatic which allows a continuous operation with smooth grease flow
  • For an enhanced grease flow control, variable speed trigger is provided
  • Coupler as well as attachment clips with 30-inch high-pressure hose
  • Air bleeder for bulk fill and to keep the grease gun primed, easy release of air
  • 6000 PSI of maximum grease pressure
  1. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun:

This particular OTC 2310 air operated grease gun is capable of delivering 4800PSI with an input pressure of 120 psi. The grease gun is built with a heavy-duty aluminum head for a long-lasting experience.

The pumping chamber of the OTC 2310 is also much bigger as compared to its competitors in the market, due to this, the gun is capable of delivering a noticeable amount of grease on the job site.

The package of the OTC 2310 air operated grease gun includes a 24-inch grease hose, a 6 inch of steel extension, and a standard 14 oz cartridge. The grease gun is a continuous flow type gun that offers 3 types of loading modes such as cartridge, bulk, and pump.

When compared with the lincoln 1162, this grease seems a little fragile, but the gun works efficiently on light duty job sites.

Key features:

  • The OTC 2310 owns a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum head
  • Automatic air bleeder used for head fitting
  • For rapid operation, larger pumping chamber is honed
  • The package includes 6 inch bent steel extension, 3 jaw slim coupler and 24-inch high-pressure grease hose for easy access
  • The gun uses 14 oz grease cartridge
  1. Lincoln Lubrication G120 Air Operated Pistol Grip Grease Gun:

Lincoln lubrication G120 is much like OTC 2310 in terms of operational pressure. The gun is capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 4800 PSI for the input varying of 40-120PSI.

The grease gun comes with a bleeder valve as well as stainless steel extension but it lacks a high-pressure hose, therefore you need to purchase that separately. The Lincoln G120 is a single shot pneumatic grease gun, which means you have to press the trigger every time in order to pump grease.

In order to deliver 1 oz of grease with lincoln G120, the user needs to press 26 triggers. The cartridge capacity of the gun is 14.5 oz and the capacity of bulk mode is 16 oz.

Key features:

  • The grease gun can handle 3 type of loading
  • ┬╝ inch of NPT air inlet
  • The operating pressure of the gun is 4800 PSI
  • The input pressure for the gun is 40-120 PSI
  1. Legacy L1455 Standard Air Powered Grease Gun:

This is yet another powerful pneumatic grease that is capable of delivering the operating pressure of 6000 PSI. The package of the gun offers a 4 jaw grip handle, 6 inches of rigid extension, 12 inches of flexible extension, and a heavy-duty steelhead.

The Legacy L1455 standard air-powered grease gun is loaded in 3 ways, the modes are bulk, cartridge, and pump. The gun is capable of loading 14 oz standard cartridge as well as bulk handling.

Key features:

  • The motor is able to deliver powerful 12V
  • Maximum working pressure of the gun is 6000 pound per square inch
  • Heavy-duty die-cast head construction for a long lasting experience
  • No need to manually pumping the grease
  1. AZUNO Professional Pneumatic Grease Gun:

The AZUNO professional pneumatic grease gun is an excellent tool that can be used in auto car shop in order to improve the efficiency. The grease gun can successfully deliver 1200 to 6000 PSI from the nozzle as such it can shot through the stubborn fittings easily.

The model is designed in such a way that it provides an ergonomic design with the help of a non-slip rubber grip in order to prevent the tool from slipping off your hand.

The tool offers an O-ring seal to prevent the grease from leaking the gun under pressure. The construction of the grease gun is made in such a way that the gun can withstand for a long time.

Key features:

  • 30 PSI to 150 PSI air compressor pressure
  • Capable of delivering 1200 PSI to 6000 PSI
  • For improved and enhanced grip, unique knurling on the barrel
  • 14 oz grease cartridges with suction and bulk filling
  • Non-slip rubber grip for improved gripping friction


These are some of the best air grease gun reviews which can be found online in order to buy air grease guns online. ┬áThat being said, don’t waste any single time. Just go and buy any of the above-listed grease guns and you will be satisfied.

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